Qualification requirement

Qualification requirement

Common Requirement

1. Education graduate and graduate (University major)

2. Persons and experience who are currently working as English teachers in elementary, middle and high schools (including those with secondary courses of sophistication and second-class teaching certificates)

3. English Conversation Instructor at the English kindergarten and private daycare center

4. A person who has a job in English

5. Anyone who has ever worked in an English-related job 

6. English language study workers and experienced workers

7. Person with translation/translation experience

8. Koreans living in Korea

9. A student or graduate of an English major


Common Requirements Document (Submit Part 1)

1. The job of an English teacher and the certificate of experience

2. Job of English Instructor and Certificate of Care 

3. English major's transcripts and graduation certificates 

   (school/school leave certificates are available)

4. Second-grade certificate of the Orthodox Church

5. Overseas Koreans Living in Korea

6. Registration receipt for language training

7. Language training certificate 

8. English language institute report card 

9. TOEIC 650 points, TOEFL 60 points, IELTS 6.0 or higher


If the document does not qualify, please contact the customer center. 

TEL: 031-403-3084

CEL: 010-5654-3084 

Email: aatesol@naver.com

Kakao Talk: aatesol


Qualification requirement