Tuition information

Tuition information

Tuition and other payment notices


This is the registration fee for AA TESOL in 2019. 
AATessol and the English Education Leaders are registered as a qualified program of the Korean Ministry of Education. 
(No.2018-001183, No.2018-000516)


Course1 - TESOL 
Course2 - YL-TESOL 
Course3 - English Education Leader


Tuition History
-Application Fee   US $50
-Admission Fee    US $100
-Tuition Fee          US $600
-Delivery Fee        US $35
-Postage Fee       US $35

Total  US $775 
1,100 won per U.S. currency rate, 852,500 won.


Scholarship (discount amount) details
- Contributed payment amount                        This institute welcomes the support of the Educational Welfare Service.
- A man of good grade                                     Admission fee discounts 100%, tuition fee discounts 30%
- National merit/disability/ basic living wage    Admission fee discounts 100%,  tuition fee discounts 50%
- Education agency                                          Full discount service


Other Payment Details
- Re-issuing                        US$50
- Re-taking                           US$80
- Postal expenses                US$10
- Apostille                             US$100


※What are other payments?
It is cost for the retaking and reissuing. 


*Electronic receipt can be printed after electronic payment in LG U+ Payment System.
*When requesting educational payment receipt, students' personal information is required. 
*The tuition for this course is 100% tax deductible and expenses evidence available. 


Tuition information