Certificate & Notarization

Certificate issuance procedure


1. Collect test takers at the beginning of each month

2. Invoice request

3. Check the acceptance information (Korea)

4. Approving Students (U.S.)

5. Print Certificate (U.S.)

6. Certificate Signing (U.S.)

7. International Shipping

8. Domestic Shipping

Delivery after issuance of a certificate is at the end of every month. 

Completion students are enrolled in the whole mountain. 

Certificate issuance is strictly managed.



It is a treaty between countries that abolished the certification process for official documents and replaced it with an apostille confirmation.

In Korea, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Justice have designated the appostille authority and approved the official documents for their own use without a consular confirmation from a foreign official in Korea.

As an apostille notarization is the highest level of notarization in the country, it can increase the credibility of the certificate and prove that it is not a forgery in all relevant agencies in the country.

You can get your APostille certificate with a TESOL license without complicated documents.


Notarized documents and expenses

1. AATESOL Certificate Original

2. Copy of your passport (must match your passport name and certification)


Cost - US $100

Issue period - 3 weeks from the date of receipt of the document 

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Certificate & Notarization